Award Modifications

Any changes, requiring sponsor approval or allowable internally must be routed through UFIRST via a modification for DSP to review. DSP will assist with identifying whether sponsor approval is required or not and whether or not additional information is required to process the modification.


Email ora@jax.ufl.edu the amendment provided by the sponsor. Confirm in the body of the email that the PI and Department Administrative Contact agree to the terms and conditions of the amendment.

Human Subject Payment

The Human Subject Payments system is a myUFL module that enables researchers or their study team members to request payments for research participants (such as prepaid Visa debit cards, gift cards, cash), and provides a secure method of recording those payments. See Researcher Training Guide Section 7 for more information

Procurement (Purchasing)

The Procurement Division is the only University of Florida department authorized to commit funds for the acquisition of commodities or services and is the initial point of contact for service contracts and agreements.

myUF Market

myUF Market is a user-friendly online marketplace designed to streamline the way your department purchases its goods and services. See Research or Training Guide Section 1a for more information.


The University of Florida Procurement Card (PCard) is a corporate credit card issued by Bank of America. PCards are designed for UF staff, faculty, graduate assistants, and OPS employees who make purchases or travel for official University business. PCards are only issued to individuals whose dean, director, or department head authorizes the requests. See Training Guide Section 3 for more information.

UF Funds

myUF Payment Solutions

myUF Payment Solutions is an accounts payable solution used to streamline, digitize and automate the processing of invoices and vouchering. See Researcher Training Guide Section 2a for more information.

Disbursement (Paying Invoices)

Disbursements Services is the core office within Finance and Accounting that is responsible for managing the payment systems of the University.


A ChartField is a data field that stores accounting information, affects budget and is used for internal and external reporting. All accounting systems consist of codes used to identify transactions and to track financial activity. ChartFields are the codes in myUFL used to identify these financial functions.


  • UFJPI Purchasing - See Researcher Training Guide Section 1b for more information.
  • Cost Center Account (UFJPI Funds) – Cost center accounts are created and managed by UFJI Accounts Payable.
  • COR360 - See Training Guide Section 2b for more information.


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