EPIC is the electronic medical record, scheduling, and billing system for UF Health. EPIC includes a research module, which is designed to assist researchers with research billing compliance by: listing UF Studies that include-protocol required patient-based billable services, identifying what patients in the UF Health System are participating in these studies, and allowing research teams to review patient charges prior to claims submission to ensure that study funded services do not get billed to the study participants or their insurance.

EPIC Training

EPIC Study Order Sets

For medication and non-medication order sets to be created in EPIC, you will need to login to the ITS Help Desk and click on "EPIC Hospital Encounter" link on the Right hand side of the screen. Proceed to the correct category drop down and complete the information requested for your study.

  • For pharmacy order sets, contact:
    June McAdams, PharmD
    Ext: 4-3228
    Email: june.mcadams@jax.ufl.edu
  • For laboratory order review prior to Help Desk Submission, contact:
    Giuliana Carnevale
    Ext: 4-5499
    Email: giuliana.carnevale@jax.ufl.edu
  • For nursing personal services, contact:
    Joan Sacerio
    Ext: 4-4101
    Email: joan.sacerio@jax.ufl.edu


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