IRB-03 Forms and Documents

If you cannot locate what you need or have questions, please contact the IRB office for assistance.

Adverse Event
AE Summary table
Reporting guide
Serious and unexpected
Conflict of Interest
Addendum L
Continuing Review
Deviation log
Non-compliance log
Belmont report
Code of Federal Register (CFR)
Courses available
General information
InvestiGATOR newsletter
Newsletter archives
Other useful resources
Researcher responsibilities
Types of studies
Request for waiver
WIRB HIPPA information
Informed Consent (IC)
Which template to use
Group consent
Example of the text for the summary question in the consent
Consent with HIPAA language
Short Consent with HIPAA language
Consent without HIPAA language
Short ICF without HIPAA language
OneFlorida Short Consent Form – CORE
Core Consent with HIPPA Language for a multi-center study
Core Consent Local Addendum
Consent for emergency use of an unapproved product
Emergency Use Form
When subjects cannot read or speak English
Tissue/Databank (To collect and store tissue for future research)
Training log
Standardized Language for IC
Certificate of Confidentiality
ClinicalTrials.gov Information
Compensation for Participation
Compensation for the Injury
Consent for Incompetent Persons and Children
Cost Language
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)
HIPAA Language
Use of Radiation
Other Committees
The Human Use of Radioisotopes and Radiation Committee (HURRC)
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Studies New
Addendum T
Clinical trial website Listing form
Data transfer form
Explicit change response
Tissue and data bank
Study Revisions
PI Change
Study Closure
Expedited and full board
Retrospective chart review
Quality Improvement
Quality improvement (QI/QA) Project
Researcher Tools
Consent process note
Delegation of study duties
IRB submission/response tracking log
Note to file/research chart documentation
Preparatory research certificate
Protocol template
Protocol template for retrospective chart review studies
Recruiting research subjects
Temporary transfer of PI responsibilities
UF Regulatory binder template
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement
Confidentiality agreement
WIRB/UF consent template

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