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Gurjit S. Kaeley, M.D.

Welcome to the University of Florida Health Science Center – Jacksonville IRB-03. This site is for UF faculty, staff and students who conduct or participate as investigators in research with human subjects. Federal regulations require that an IRB must approve all research involving human subjects before initiating study-related activities.

The IRB's primary mission is to protect the rights and welfare of participants, or research subjects, in human research studies. The IRB membership is diverse and includes experts from a variety of fields, such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, statisticians, researchers, community members and representatives of vulnerable populations. The IRB reviews research before it is initiated and monitors research activities while it is being conducted. This is necessary in order to assess that the study follows ethical guidelines and meets appropriate federal, state and local requirements.

Visit University of Florida Federalwide Assurance for additional details.

Who can be a Principal Investigator?

The Office of Research has developed guidelines to define the qualifications needed to be a Principal Investigator (PI) of a human subject research project.

The guidelines are posted on the UF IRB website and specifically address the role that students can play in overseeing human subject research. The UF must ensure that the PIs are suitably qualified and accountable for all aspects of research projects. The PIs are required to ensure that co-investigators are qualified to fulfill the requested role. The PI manages and oversees the conduct of the research study. The PI is also the person held accountable for all human subject research activities to meet the UF, State, and Federal regulations as well as all financial matters related to the research study. A PI may delegate some responsibilities related to a research project to students, study coordinators, or other designated staff while remaining accountable to the UF and the IRBs.

These guidelines are available by clicking here.

NOTE: This and other administrative memos are maintained at University of Florida Administrative Memo.

Protocol Development Assistance

The Center for Health Equity and Quality Research (CHEQR) is a valuable research resource. One of the primary goals of CHEQR is to provide research design and analysis consulting services to faculty, residents, and fellows. CHEQR can also assist with the development of protocols, study design, grant development, data collection, data analysis, report generation, and the IRB application preparation and submission.

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