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Image: Jennifer Fishe, M.D.
Jennifer Fishe, M.D.
Associate Medical Director

The Center for Data Solutions was created in 2019 to support research at all stages, from ideas and study design to analytics and publication. The Center for Data Solutions is structured to respond to the changing health science research landscape by complementing classical biostatistical support with expertise in epidemiology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Center for Data Solutions utilizes a customer service-oriented approach that emphasizes communication and collaboration. This is exemplified by our motto of "laptop and go" - where analysts meet busy clinicians in their place of work to facilitate more efficient and impactful collaborations.

With the goal of generating innovative ways to improve patient outcomes, the Center for Data Solutions' three hubs (advanced analytics, epidemiology and biostatistics) will support investigator-initiated projects as well as key areas for research growth at UF - Jacksonville. For example, epidemiology will interface with the growing precision medicine program for the design of "omics" studies, whose big data will then be analyzed using novel machine learning approaches in the advanced analytics hub. Biostatistics will help train our residents and fellows to become the next generation of researchers.

Taken in consort, the Center for Data Solutions represents a key component of the research ecosystem at UF - Jacksonville, helping to drive the advancement of health sciences research and thereby improving the health and wellness of the populations we serve.

To access the Center for Data Solutions, please use the ORA Portal.

Video: UF Center for Data Solutions

For more information about the Center for Data Solutions at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville, please contact us at (904) 633-0985 or email datasolutions@jax.ufl.edu. Our address is 655 West 11th St., Suite 206, Jacksonville, FL 32209.

Jennifer Fishe, M.D.
Associate Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Director, Center for Data Solutions


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