Active Research Studies

Below is a list of all active research projects underway in the department. For more information on a particular study, contact our Research Coordinator, Stacy Smith.

Studies by Dr. Anthony Bunnell

  • Ogledzki M, Nedrud S., Bunnell A. Tracheal Stenosis - A Retrospective Study to Evaluate Demographics, Etiology, and Surgical Repair.
  • Sabooree S, Fattahi T, Bunnell A. Factors Affecting Success of Reconstruction of Extremity Injuries with Microvascular Free Flaps.
  • Ogledzki M, Sabooree S, Bunnell A. Approaches for Treatment of Cancers Involving Temporal Bone and Outcomes.
  • Quimby A, Nedrud S, Bunnell A. Incidence, Diagnosis and Outcomes of Isolated and Combined Tracheal and Esophageal Injuries.
  • Quimby A, Weyh A, Yekikian M, Rahmathulla G, Bunnell A. Reconstruction of Complex Calvarial Defects: A Case Series.
  • Collin J, Turner B, Yekikian M, Bunnell A. Complications Associated with Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery in the Obese Population - Challenges and Techniques.

Studies by Dr. Tirbod Fattahi

  • Kragor C, Ganry L, Busby E, Bunnell A, Fattahi T. Rhinoplasty in a Cartilage Depleted Nose: Outcomes on the Use of Cadaveric Rib Cartilage.
  • Busby E, Fattahi T. Cosmetic Surgery in Male Patients.

Studies by Dr. Rui Fernandes

  • Fattahi T, Bunnell A, Fernandes R. Head and Neck Tumor Databank.
  • Quimby A, Busby E, McCaskey K, Fernandes R. Average Intra-Operative Mean Arterial Pressure and its Effect on the Overall Survival of Microvascular Free Flaps in Head and Neck.
  • Quimby A, Fernandes R. Scalp Lesion Reconstruction According to the New Classification.
  • Ettinger K, Yekikian M, Fernandes R. Algorithmic Approach to Reconstructing Combined Complex Lip and Nose Defects.
  • Ettinger K, Bunnell A, Turner B, Collin J, Fernandes R. CTA Perforator Localization for Virtual Surgical Planning of Osteocutaneous Fibular Free Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction.
  • Ganry L, Busby E, Salman S, Fernandes R. Social Outcomes in Patients Under 35 Years Old, After Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery with Osseous Free Flap for Benign Lesion of the Jaw.
  • Yekikian M, Ganry L, Fernandes R. Thyroid Surgery Outcomes Analysis in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department.
  • Quimby A, Abdelmalik M, Fernandes R. Cheek: Local Soft Tissue Flaps for Mid Facial Defect Reconstruction.
  • Weyh A., Pucci R., Quimby A, Abdelmalik M, Nocella R, Fernandes R. 30-Day Readmission Risk Factors for Head and Neck Microvascular Free Flap Patients: Consideration of Potentially Preventable Readmissions.
  • Weyh A, Yekikian M, Nocella R, Esmail K, Catanzaro J, Fernandes R. Is there Increased Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation After Head and Neck Surgery?
  • Busby E, Weyh A, Shah S, Warrick M, Bunnell A, Fernandes R. Does Regional Anesthesia Reduce Postoperative Opioid Consumption in Subjects Undergoing Fibula Free Flap Reconstruction of the Head and Neck: A Prospective Trial.

Studies by Dr. Salam Salman

  • Weyh A, Busby E, Dolan J, Salman S. Over Utilization of Computed Tomography for Head and Neck Infections.
  • Weyh A, Dolan J, Davis S, Estelle A, Fraker J, Salman S. Tracheostomy Decannulation and Downsizing: Protocol and Complications.
  • Weyh A, Busby E, Dolan J, Parsons M, Salman S. Multidisciplinary Computed Tomography Ordering Pathway for Odontogenic Infections.
  • Busby E, Salman S. Immediate Reconstruction and Dental Rehabilitation in Patients with Maxillofacial Defects.
  • Rockafellow A, Grover S, WuDunn D, Salman S. Ophthalmology Consult Protocol for Orbital Fractures Utilizing Evidence-Based Prospective Data.

Studies by Dr. Barry Steinberg

  • Habib R, Baasch D, Weyh A, Dolan J, Salman S, Steinberg B. Pediatric Maxillofacial Infections: A 10 Year Review.
  • Schlieder D, McLaughlin M, Steinberg B. Relationship Between the Frontonasal Junction and Cranial Base in Lefort II and III Osteotomies on Syndromic Versus Nonsyndromic Children.
  • Dolan J, Schlieder D, Estelle E, Barbee P, Steinberg B. Outcomes of Alveolar Cleft Bone Graft Density and Volume Using Anterior Iliac Crest Autograft versus rhBMP-2 and Allograft.

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