Record number of entries for Celebration of Research 2012 at UF Health Science Center Jacksonville

Published: May 22, 2012 By: Matt Galnor
Charles W. Heilig, M.D. (right) accepts the 2012 Robert C. Nuss Researcher/Scholar of the Year award from Daniel R. Wilson, M.D., Ph.D. (left) View Larger Image

The steady rise in funded projects is the standard barometer that measures the focus on research at the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville.

But real estate was just as telling Thursday during the Celebration of Research 2012, an annual day highlighting the findings and scholarly activities on the campus over the past year.

For the first time, organizers needed to book another room to fit the posters from faculty members because the record 120-plus submissions from residents and fellows took up all available space in the Learning Resource Center Atrium.

"We are an academic medical center, but they get so busy seeing patients and doing their clinical work, a day like today really helps to showcase the research that goes on here," said Tina Bottini, assistant dean of research and compliance. "They remember why they came here."

The keynote speech was given by Mary E. Kremzner, Pharm.D., director of the Division of Drug Information at the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Kremzner spoke about public-private partnerships in research, along with a trend toward personalized medicine and the FDA’s role in new product development.

A top honor for faculty was announced, as were awards for the poster and platform presentations by residents and fellows.

Charles W. Heilig, M.D., a professor of medicine and chief of the division of nephrology and hypertension, was named the Robert C. Nuss Researcher/Scholar of the Year. Heilig has given numerous invited research presentations on his work, and has had more than $800,000 in research grant awards since arriving at the UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville in 2008. He is recognized internationally for his novel research on glucose transporters, and reviews manuscripts for 20 different journals. He is on the editorial board for the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism, as well as the American Journal of Therapeutics.

Six residents and fellows were selected to discuss their research during platform presentations. About 40 faculty members submitted research posters for viewing, though awards were only given to residents and fellows.

Daniel R. Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., UF’s vice president for health affairs and dean of the UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville, said he was impressed with the research on display during Thursday’s annual event, his first since beginning work on campus in February.

"I was truly surprised by the range, depth and quality of the research itself, as well as the genuine community celebration," Wilson said. "The number of submissions by residents and fellows was quite impressive. In all, it was an amazing compendium of scholarship, especially so given the hefty clinical work done at UF&Shands Jacksonville. Hats off to all involved!"

Poster presentation winners:

  1. Lacie Brenner, M.D., gastroenterology fellow: Management of Left-Sided Colonic Malignant Obstruction with Self-Expandable Metal Stents Provides Equivalent Palliation Compared to Surgery with Reduced Complication
  2. Sushil Gupta, M.D., pediatrics resident: Stable Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients Run Higher Urine Indoleamine 2, 3 Dioxygenase (IDO) Levels than Healthy Children.
  3. LaRae Brown, M.D., obstetrics and gynecology resident: Vaginal Progesterine for the Prevention of Preterm Birth Among High Risk Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
  4. Michael Babcock, M.D., cardiology fellow: Candidates for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): Fitting the PARTNERS Criteria.
  5. Anna Szafran-Swietlik, M.D., endocrinology fellow: Differential Effects of Hepatic Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress on Apolipoprotein A-1 and Albumin Synthesis.
  6. Melissa O’Connor, M.D., obstetrics and gynecology resident: Reducing the Rates of Unsatisfactory Papanicolaou Tests

Platform presentation winners:

  1. Ryan Wilson, M.D., internal medicine resident: Retrospective Validation of an Algorithm for Field Identification of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients by Emergency Medicine Services Personnel Using a STEMI Alert Clinical Tool
  2. Rohan Samson, M.D., internal medicine resident: GLUT1 – Mechano-Growth Factor (MGF) Interactions in Modulation of Mesangial Cell Glucose Metabolism and Matrix Production: Implications for Diabetic Nephropathy
  3. Andrea McNab, M.D., surgery resident: Utilization of Pre-Hospital Shock Index as a Predictor of Injury Severity for Triage and Resource Utilization in Trauma Patients.
  4. Carol Mannings, M.D., pediatric emergnecy medicine fellow: Knowledge Assessment of Sport-Related Concussion Among Caregivers of Children Ages 5-15 Years Enrolled in Recreational Tackle Football
  5. Jilma Patrick, M.D., surgery resident: Use of Hospital Emergency Room in Cancer Care
  6. Eric Roberts, M.D., surgery resident: Anti-seizure Prophylaxis is Unnecessary During the First Seven Days After Traumatic Brain Injury

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Charles W. Heilig, M.D. (right) accepts the 2012 Robert C. Nuss Researcher/Scholar of the Year award from Daniel R. Wilson, M.D., Ph.D. (left)

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