Getting to know our nurses: Allison “Blair” Trikardos

Published: August 18, 2014 By: Tiffany Wilson
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Name: Allison “Blair” Trikardos

UF Health: What is your current job title?

Trikardos: RN

UF Health: How long have you worked here?

Trikardos: 14 years

UF Health: When did you realize you wanted to become a nurse and why?

Trikardos: Growing up, I was always interested in the medical field. I chose nursing because I realized nurses typically spend the most time with their patients and I wanted to make a difference. That's what I enjoy so much, the hands-on clinical aspects and the interactions I have with the parents and babies.

UF Health: How did you end up at UF Health?

Trikardos: In my last semester of nursing school, I did my independent study in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and loved it. Thankfully, they hired me when I graduated.

UF Health: Tell us about your career path during your time here at UF Health. 

Trikardos: I started out working night shift and stayed on nights for 11 years. I stayed on night shift for as long as I did because of my great coworkers and teamwork on that shift. I came to days a few years ago for a more normal schedule.

UF Health: We hear so often from our patients that they appreciate all the staff, but that it’s the nurses who become like family to them. Tell us about the special relationship nurses have with patients and their families.

Trikardos: In the NICU, as nurses we pay close attention to our infants’ every move. Since they cannot tell us what is wrong, we are attuned to changes in their condition. We are all strong patient advocates not only for the baby but also the parents. Since our babies can be in our unit for weeks to months, we develop close relationships with the parents. We also have the option to be a 'primary nurse' to a baby which means we care for the same infant when we work. It's so great for the baby and parents because that nurse knows the baby so well. It makes continuity of care so much easier.

UF Health: How do you keep a positive attitude when times get tough on the job?

Trikardos: It can be a challenge to stay positive in times of low morale. In those times, I lean on my family and friends, who motivate, encourage and have a positive influence on me. I have to remind myself why I do what I do: because I love caring for premature/sick infants. My mom is my main role model because she is the strongest woman I know. She is a retired director of nursing and I have learned so much from her over the years. For me, she has set an extraordinary example of nursing leadership.

UF Health: You are our nominee for 2014 Magnet Nurse of the Year. Tell us all about it.

Trikardos: I would never have expected to be chosen for Magnet Nurse of the Year. I feel like there are so many great nurses with much more experience and contributions than me. I'm so honored, humbled and shocked to be picked for this award.

UF Health: Where are you from originally?

Trikardos: Tallahassee, Florida…and I'm a big Seminole fan!


This Q and A is the first installment of our Getting to know our nurses series. Do you know a UF Health Jacksonville nurse you’d like to see featured? Email his or her name and the reason you’d like to see the nurse featured to tiffany.wilson@jax.ufl.edu.

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