Program Mission and Aims

Mission Statement

Our sponsoring institution's mission is to heal, comfort, educate and discover. In turn, the core program's focus is to develop physicians who can carry this mission forward. The program mission is to ensure that our residents are trained to act as capable, competent and compassionate primary care physicians that are adaptable to a variety of workplace settings and diverse patient populations. We strive to train physicians that possess the motivation and desire to continue a lifetime of learning, continual self-reflection and professional growth. The program serves both underserved and insured patient populations and is aligned with UF Health's mission to serve these populations.

Program Aims

The core program recently began the self-study process for ACGME re-accreditation. The foundation for this process was to develop aims or key expectations for the program. This may include aspects of the program that differentiate from other programs. The programs are also responsible for conducting a strategic assessment of the program which focuses on strengths, opportunities, areas for improvement and threats. The aims for the internal medicine residency are listed below:

  • Produce competent and independent practicing internists that have the ability to care for patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings comprehensively
  • Prepare residents to be competitive applicants for fellowship and have the opportunity to pursue other interests beyond internal medicine (this may include scholarship, education, advocacy or leadership)
  • Train practitioners to have a basic understanding of quality improvement and patient safety
  • Produce residents that will serve the local community through their practice of primary care, hospital medicine and medical subspecialties; these practitioners should have expertise in treating the variety of patient populations in our community, with a particular understanding of the medically underserved
  • Develop socially well-adjusted residents through a programmatic focus on physician well-being, with the intent being that emotionally healthy physicians will be more resilient and able to deliver the best care to our community

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