Meet our Research Team

Medical Faculty and Staff

Director of Cardiovascular Research

  • Dominick J. Angiolillo, M.D., Ph.D., FACC
    Medical Director, Cardiovascular Research Program; Program Director, Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program; Associate Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship
    Specializes in Cardiovascular Disease; Interventional Cardiology

Post Doctoral Research Assosciates

  • Andrea Rivas, M.D. Andrea Rivas, M.D.
  • Patrick Abou Jaoude M.D. Patrick Abou Jaoude, M.D.

Research Staff

Andrea Goosen, RN, MPH, CCRP Andrea Goosen, RN, MPH, CCRP Research Administrator

Amie Cavanaugh, RN Amie Cavanaugh, RN Clinical Research Coordinator

Erin Crews, CCRP Erin Crews, CCRP Clinical Research Coordinator

Andrea Howard, MPH, CPH Andrea Howard, MPH, CPH Clinical Research Coordinator

Azra Islamovic, BSN, RN Azra Islamovic, BSN, RN Clinical Research Coordinator

Marijana Lukovic, MA Marijana Lukovic, MA Clinical Research Coordinator

Chauncey Smoot, BSN, RN Chauncey Smoot, BSN, RN Clinical Research Coordinator

Research Scientists

Latonya Been Latonya Been Lab Manager

Jennifer Zhai Jennifer Zhai Lab Analyst

News & Announcements

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