Housing is available to students rotating on the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville campus. Housing is provided at no charge to students from the University of Florida. Housing for students from other institutions is extremely limited, if it is available at all. We are making continuing efforts to upgrade the student dormitory in response to student suggestions and concerns. This is an ongoing process and we would value your input at any time.

In place of housing applications for each rotation, we are requiring a student biographical informational form from each student. This form should be completed at the beginning of the academic year and in addition to providing information, which will allow us to maintain a student database, will include information on housing requirements.

Dormitory keys are obtained on arrival to Jacksonville from the Office of Student Affairs on the 4th floor of the LRC building. Check-in normally occurs on the first Monday of the rotation and is available from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sunday check-in is available and can be arranged by contacting the Office of Student Affairs at (904) 244-8233.

Because of the variability of rotation schedules, it is very difficult for us to honor room type/roommate requests. We will, however, make every effort to do so in special circumstances. For more information on this or any other housing questions, please call the Office of Student Affairs.

The UF Health Jacksonville student dormitory, located on the UF Health Jacksonville campus, contains 35 rooms, including 18 singles and 17 with double/triple capacity. There are also 13 bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area, a lounge and a large study hall. The study hall is equipped with 3 PCs for student use. Again, while we cannot expect the dormitory to provide all the comforts of home, we make every effort to respond to student suggestions and concerns.

Things to bring to Jacksonville:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Student ID Badge
  • Pots and Pans
  • Bowls/Plates (Many students bring a supply of paper plates for convenience)
  • Drinking glasses (many students bring a supply of plastic cups or canned sodas)
  • Personal Items, i.e., soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Detergent
  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Iron
  • Coffee Maker
  • Eating Utensils

Unfortunately, the nature of the building's heating/cooling system sometimes causes differing temperatures in different areas. Because of this, we advise bringing comfortable outerwear (i.e., jogging suit) as well as comfortable lighter clothes (i.e., shorts, tee shirt) for your comfort while in the dormitory.



Each room is furnished with a bed, chest of drawers, desk, chair and reading lamp for each student, as well as a telephone.


Network Drops

In each room there are network drops so that you can access the Internet from your laptop. Your computer must be running be running Windows NT, 95, 98, 2K, ME, or XP. You must have a network card installed in your computer. You will need a CAT5 (LAN/Ethernet Cable) to connect to the out let in your room. *For wireless instructions see "Computer Access Dorm" section or refer to your check-in package.


Clean linens, including towels, sheets, blankets and pillows are available in the linen closet (most students choose to bring their own pillows and blankets from home and you may also be more comfortable using your own sheets and towels). The hospital housekeeping staff provides new linens on a twice-weekly basis. Dirty linens should be placed in the hamper bags provided and placed in the hall. Bathrooms and common areas are cleaned daily. If your bathroom is not accessible through the hallway housekeeping will enter your room to clean the bathroom only. Please keep all valuables at home or in a safe place while on campus. Trash liners are provided for waste-paper baskets; please place outside your room each morning for housekeeping pick-up.

Kitchen/Dining Area

This area has two dining tables and chairs, two large side-by-side refrigerators, a range with 4 burners and a conventional oven and two microwaves. A washer and dryer are also located in this area. Personal appliances such as coffee makers, irons, electric frying pans, etc. may be used, but are the responsibility of the individual student to bring and maintain.


This area is furnished with sofas/chairs and has a color television set with cable service DVD and VCR. Students may bring portable television sets for their rooms, but no cable access is available.

Study Hall

This area is furnished with tables, chairs and study carrels. Four computers have also been installed for your use (please see computer section for more information). A security door has been installed between the living area of the dormitory and the study hall. This door, as well as the study hall door, should remain locked at all times.


Students are responsible for: (1) keeping rooms neat and clean, (2) labeling food in the refrigerator, (3) washing your own dishes (4) keeping food in air-tight containers, (5) discarding food from the refrigerators upon departure, (6) keeping personal items such as shampoo, soap, etc. in bedrooms, (7) cleaning hair and soap from the shower drain after each use and (8) making sure when leaving the bathrooms to unlock adjoining bathroom door so other students can enter the bathrooms.

  • Students receiving meal cards should remember that these are provided at significant cost to UF Health Jacksonville; abuses of this privilege could result in its termination.
  • Upon completion of your rotation, you should remove linens from your room and place them in a hamper bag, remove/discard any items belonging to you in the common areas and leave your bedroom door open so that housekeeping staff may enter it to clean.



Maintenance problems occasionally do arise. These should be reported directly to the Office of Student Affairs at (904) 244-8233 during business hours (7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.). After hours please contact the Facility Department at (904) 244-2232 (ext. 42232) for emergencies ONLY. Write down the name of the person you spoke with and ask for the work order number.

If you seem to get no response, or if you need other assistance, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (904) 244-8233.

Please note that an announcement board has been placed in the dormitory main hallway. Important information will be posted here; please check it periodically. Additionally, there is a board for students to post message to classmates. Please also feel free to post information you believe would be useful to other students.

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