Online Microlectures

Microlectures are "short recorded audio or video presentations on a single, tightly defined topic." They allow educators to provide key points, just-in-time training or blend the lectures with hands-on activities. These short, informational sessions encourage self-directed learning where learners can access the information when convenient and at their own pace. For more information, go to 7 Things you should know about Microlectures .pdf (Adobe PDF Document).

ACGME Faculty Development Common Requirement Topic Areas

A list of microlectures will be included on this site in the near future for faculty to view on their own or for program directors to use as part of a faculty development training series within their department. Topic areas will be listed to indicate qualifying lectures for ACGME training and documentation for faculty development. Also noted with the microlectures will be topics to address the Seven Domains of a Clinician Educator (Sherbino, et al, 2014), correlated to the Six Core Teaching Competencies for Medical Educators (Srinivasan, M. et al, 2011).

Microlectures are coming soon to this site. Please check back often for updates.

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