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UF COM - Jacksonville Departmental Compliance Plans

Use of Modifier 24 Adobe PDF File
Use of Modifier 25 Adobe PDF File
Use of Modifier 57 Adobe PDF File
Use of Modifier 58 Adobe PDF File
Use of Modifier 78 Adobe PDF File
Use of Modifier 79 Adobe PDF File
Application of the -52 Modifier to Surgical Procedures with Delayed Primary Closure Adobe PDF File
Physicians Furnishing Less Than the Full Global Package - Use of Modifiers 54 and 55 Adobe PDF File
1995 Evaluation and Management Physical Exam Clarification Adobe PDF File
Crediting a Prior Review of Systems and/or Past, Family and/or Social History Adobe PDF File
Advance Beneficiary Notice – Ambulatory Policy Adobe PDF File (06/2015)
Crediting Unobtainable History Adobe PDF File (07/2011)
Billing for Unenrolled Providers Adobe PDF File (12/2013)
Physician Co-Signatures on NPP Notes Adobe PDF File (02/2015)
Federal and State False Claims Laws Adobe PDF File (07/2014)
Policy Against Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts Adobe PDF File (02/2002)
Billing Compliance and Corporate Responsibility Hotline Adobe PDF File (07/2017)
Medicare Teaching Physician Policy and the GC and GE Modifiers Adobe PDF File
Sanction and Exclusion Checks Adobe PDF File
Billing Medicare as the Secondary Payor for Consultation Services Adobe PDF File
Selecting a Consultation Replacement Code when Medicare is the Primary Payor Adobe PDF File
Skilled Nursing Facility or Nursing Facility Location when Medicare is the Primary Payor Adobe PDF File

Medicare and TriCare Incident-to Billing in Physician Based Settings Adobe PDF File (08/2018)
This policy sets forth a procedure to be used to determine whether or not a service rendered in a physician-based setting (office - place of service code 11) can be billed to Medicare incident to a physician. Medicare guidance on incident to billing, as it relates to this policy, is contained within the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (100-02), Chapter 15, Section 60.

UF COM Billing Compliance Plan Adobe PDF File (05/2008)
The University of Florida Billing Compliance Plan, originally adopted in June 1996, establishes an overall framework for billing compliance activities at the College of Medicine.

UF Teaching Physician Billing Policy Adobe PDF File (08/2011-rev 10.05.11).
As part of the overall Billing Compliance Plan, this policy statement, originally adopted in June 1996, describes the standards that the University expects all faculty and employees to follow in connection with the Medicare teaching physician billing rules.

Remedial and Disciplinary Action Memo Adobe PDF File (01/2017)
The University has internal remedial and disciplinary mechanisms that apply to instances of billing non-compliance and provide administrators with the flexibility to impose appropriate remedies and sanctions when compliance problems occur with faculty or staff. This memorandum provides examples of potential billing compliance violations and probable consequences that exist under current University rules.

Code of Conduct Adobe PDF File (07/2017)
All employees are required to conform to the highest ethical standards and to meet or exceed all legal obligations in the performance of their job duties. In this regard, the Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure our work is performed in an ethical manner and to remind us of our commitment to act responsibly and legally.

Billing Compliance Investigation Guidelines Adobe PDF File (06/2018)
The Office of Compliance has prepared guidelines that will be followed when it assists in the review and investigation of allegations of billing non-compliance.

Signature Stamps, Password Sharing, Authentication of Electronic Reports and Scanned Signatures Adobe PDF File

Mission and Goals Adobe PDF File
This document outlines the mission, values and goals for the operations of the Office of Compliance on the Jacksonville campus.

Compliance Review Action Plans (03/2016) Adobe PDF File

E/M Table of Risk and Parenteral Controlled Substances Adobe PDF File

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