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Application For Leave Request Rarely used form for requesting leave. Most faculty will use the on-line leave module UF Form
Biographical Information Sheet- Form 270 Form used to collect biographical information of UF employees. Usually used when hiring. Human Resource Services
Community Service Activity Form Used to disclose employees Community Service activities. After chair signature, all forms should be sent to Administrative Affairs for processing. New disclosure should be submitted as they occur. UF Self Insurance Program
Compliance Statement Used for new Teams and OPS Employees. Administrative Affairs
Degree Confirmation or Attestation Use this form to complete a degree verification letter for faculty. Administrative Affairs
Demographic Form Form used to process background checks on all new employees. Should be completed and sent to Administrative Affairs for processing. Human Resource Services
Direct Deposit Form Used to enroll in or make changes to UF employees direct deposit routing. UF Payroll
Disclosure of Outside Activity Form Used to disclose employee activities outside of their University scope of work. All forms should be sent to Administrative Affairs for processing. New disclosure should be submitted as they occur. All other disclosures should be resubmitted annually. UF Self Insurance Program
Emergency Contact Form Used to provide emergency contact information for new and existing employees. Administrative Affairs
Faculty Assignment Report Used for doing semester Faculty Assignment Report Form. Academic Personnel
Faculty Clearance Form Checklist for employees who are terminating employment. Must be completed and signed by all departments before employee departure. Completed forms should be submitted to Administrative Affairs. Administrative Affairs
Florida Retirement System Certification Form This form is used for all new hires to obtain information regarding current or former participation in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). UF Form
Foreign National Tax Information Form (required for Windstar form) Used for non-resident aliens to determine tax exemption UF Tax Services
Gatorlink Instructions for UF employees Instructions for Creating a Gatorlink Account Administrative Affairs
HIPAA Confidentiality Statement Used for all new employees and for existing employees on a yearly basis to ensure HIPAA compliance. UF Compliance Office
HIPAA Training Instructions for NEW HIRES* Used for all NEW employees to ensure HIPAA compliance - New employees will complete training once they have access to MyUFL (generally within 10 days of hire). All UF employees are then required to complete HIPAA training again every year in MyUFL. UF Compliance Office
I-9 Government form required of new employees to identify citizenship status and identity. USCIS
Loyalty Oath or
4-in-1 form
Loyalty Oath, Intellectual Property Agreement, Veterans Survey, and Race and Ethnicity Information. Human Resource Services
Medicaid Outstanding Balance Letter Use this for all clinical faculty on new hire checklist. Administrative Affairs
Meeting and Conference Leave Request form for additional Meeting and Conference leave Used to request additional Meeting and Conference to what was originally allocated.Submit all forms to Administrative Affairs for the Dean's signature. Administrative Affairs
Nepotism Form Formed used when there is employment of relatives within the same unit. Human Resource Services
New Faculty Onboarding Checklist Form used by new hires to ensure that all steps of the onboarding process are completed. Administrative Affairs
OPS Employment Application Used to hire OPS employees. UF HR
Person of Interest (POI) Will allow non-UF Employees access to various modules within MyUFL. Administrative Affairs
Personnel Action Form (PAF) Used for all Faculty, OPS, PDA, Courtesy and Teams appointment changes (FTE's, titles, supplements, terms, hires etc.) Submit all completed PAFs to paf.request@jax.ufl.edu Administrative Affairs
Professional Liability Questionnaire Used only for Academic Personnel with Clinical Responsibilities. Self-Insurance Program
Professional Liability Questionnaire for Volunteers Used only for Volunteers with Clinical Responsibilities. Self-Insurance Program
Race and Ethnicity Survey Used for all new hires Human Resources
Time Card Used for UF OPS employees who do not submit time in MyUFL. Should be completed and submitted to Administrative Affairs each pay period at opstimecards@jax.ufl.edu. Administrative Affairs
Travel Voucher Used for all UF employees for Travel Reimbursement. Should be submitted to UFJPI Travel Office for processing. UF Travel- Submitted to UFJPI
Veterans Status Survey Used for all new hires Human Resources
W4 Form Used for new employees or name, address, or withholding changes. IRS

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