Outside Activity and Industry Conflicts of Interest/Industry Academic Relations

As a condition of your employment, you are required to follow the University of Florida’s guidelines, policies and procedures regarding conflict of interest and outside activities, including financial interests. If you propose to engage in any outside activity or have a potential conflict of interest, you must notify the department chair in writing using the proper University of Florida forms and obtain written approval from the department chair and the Dean of the College of Medicine – Jacksonville prior to engaging in these activities. Such notification must be re-certified annually by July 1st for each subsequent year for as long as you continue to engage in such activity or have such conflict of interest. The University’s guidelines, policies and procedures on conflict of interest and outside activities, including financial interests are available at University of Florida Guidelines, Policies and Procedures of Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities, Including Financial Interests .pdf (Adobe PDF Document).

Disclosure of Outside Activities Form .pdf (Adobe PDF Document)
Community Service Form .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) - Community service policy requires activities be pre-approved in order for the coverage to apply.

College of Medicine personnel must pay particular attention to potential conflicts of interest in connection with industry in order to protect the integrity of professional judgments and to preserve public trust in physicians, researchers and academic medical institutions. Recognizing that there are legitimate and necessary interactions between faculty, residents, staff and students and the Industry, it is the purpose of the University’s College of Medicine Policy on Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology Industry Conflicts of Interest .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) to define the boundaries of this relationship and establish mechanisms to monitor the relationships.

The policy applies to all employees and appointees of the University of Florida College of Medicine and is supplemental to University Regulation 1.011.

The policy provides that, in general, College of Medicine personnel may not accept gifts from the pharmaceutical industry, including without limitation the receipt of pharmaceutical samples and educational materials. Generally College of Medicine personnel may not accept meals or other gifts of food for themselves or others if sponsored or provided by the pharmaceutical industry and may not accept travel funds from the pharmaceutical industry to attend a meeting or conference except as set forth in the policy. They may not accept scholarships or fellowships directly from the pharmaceutical industry. Access by the pharmaceutical industry to College of Medicine premises is restricted. The conditions, under which College of Medicine personnel may participate in pharmaceutical industry-sponsored events, including CME, are set forth. The specific conditions under which College of Medicine personnel may participate in, attend, or be a compensated speaker at off-site conferences and meetings sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry are detailed. College of Medicine personnel are not permitted to participate in pharmaceutical industry-sponsored speakers bureaus. Professional presentations and writings must have appropriate authorship attribution.

Contact Information:
Eric H. Conde, M.S.A., CFAAMA
Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs
(904) 244-8528

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