Goals and Objectives

The anesthesiology residency program has the primary goal of teaching and educating residents to become independent practitioners in the field of anesthesiology by providing a competency - based graded and progressive clinical responsibility experience, teaching the basic components of research and exposing them to the concepts of medical education and administration. This goal is attained through an extensive exposure to a diverse population of patients with different degrees of complexity and pathologies in our hospital setting, a strong didactic curriculum and conferences, simulation training and creating a culture of inquiry through the teaching of skills to develop scholarly activity, quality improvement and patient safety.

The anesthesiology residency training will take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration, promoting the ability of residents to acquire the knowledge, skills, clinical judgment and experience that will enable them to independently practice as an anesthesiologist in a safe and compassionate manner.

At the end of the anesthesiology residency program, residents are expected to:

Patient Care

  • Effectively and independently conduct a comprehensive perioperative assessment of a patient
  • Effectively and independently formulate a comprehensive perioperative management plan and implement it
  • Effectively prepare the operating room for any type of surgical procedure
  • Efficiently perform regional anesthesia, place nerve blocks and invasive hemodynamic monitors
  • Efficiently and safely provide anesthetic care to any type of patient that so requires it for surgery
  • Effectively act as an anesthesia consultant to other specialist and healthcare providers in the care of the patients

Medical Knowledge

  • Interpret and explain laboratory data and diagnostic tests relevant to the perioperative management of patients
  • Interpret and discuss hemodynamic data obtained from invasive and non invasive monitoring
  • Recognize in a timely manner abnormal patterns of vital signs and life-threatening situations during the care of a patient
  • Discuss pathophysiologic mechanisms of patients undergoing perioperative care
  • Describe current evidence base guidelines in the management and assessment of perioperative patients
  • Discuss the indications and management of patients requiring vasoactive drugs
  • Discuss the evidence base guidelines for transfusion medicine
  • Describe the medications and mechanism of action of the most common drugs utilized in the perioperative management of patients

Practice–Based Learning and Improvement

  • Identify by accessing electronic databases and interpret medical literature as it applies to patient care in the perioperative setting
  • Improve one’s practice by comparing one’s outcomes and clinical measures to national standards

Interpersonal and Communication skills

  • Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills by showing respect for patients’ sensitivities, privacy and prerogatives as well as cultural differences
  • Effectively communicate with the members of the operating room team and different healthcare services by utilizing clearness in language and communication skills such as closing the loop, addressing co-workers by their name, respecting other members opinion and facilitate communication by taking a leadership role


  • Act in a manner consistent with the prioritization of the interests of the patient over self-interest
  • Work effectively as a member of a health care team and to actively participate in hospital wide, as well as specialty specific efforts to improve the quality of care rendered to patients
  • Contribute to the advancement of the specialty through their commitment to clinical expertise, quality improvement, scientific enquiry, evidence based practice and education

System-Based Practice

  • Describe the healthcare systems in which anesthesiology practice is based
  • Be able to provide safe and quality care in any medical setting by coordinating patient care with nurse managers, pharmacists, health care providers and extenders, technicians, hospital administrators and other consultants

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