Due to advances in modern medicine, more and more people who are diagnosed with cancer can now be cured. This requires the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment at an early stage of the disease, which often requires more than one treatment option (surgery, radiation, biologic therapies, chemotherapy).

At the University of Florida Section of Surgical Oncology in Jacksonville, we focus exclusively on diagnosing and treating cancer as part of the UF Health Jacksonville cancer program. Our UF physicians develop individual surgical treatment plans for patients based on the kind of cancer, location and stage and regularly work with other specialists when other treatment options like radiation and chemotherapy are used. Specially trained physicians on our team are also able to perform minimally invasive surgeries or laparoscopic procedures when appropriate for esophageal, gastric, adrenal, colon and liver cancers, which results in less post-surgical pain and a faster recovery for the patient. We employ the latest and most innovative technologies and therapies to increase the rate of disease-free patient outcomes.

The UF Health Jacksonville campus also houses the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute facility, which is the first proton treatment facility in the Southeastern U.S. for cancer.

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