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Nipa R. Shah, M.D.

Nipa R. Shah, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Community Health and Family Medicine

Chair, Department of Community Health and Family Medicine

Specializes in Family Medicine

Speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi and Spanish

  • <a href = '' target = '_blank'>Family Medicine</a>
Board Certifications
  • Family Medicine
Professional Education
  • Medical Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Residency: Family Medicine, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Residency: Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve/MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Clinical Special Interests: Global health, diabetes, hidradenitis, female sexual dysfunction

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30.347047 -81.664392 UF Health Community and Family Medicine - Jacksonville
4th Floor, Ambulatory Care Center
655 West 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Appointment: (904) 383-1002
Referral: (904) 244-4590
Referral Fax: (904) 244-4683
Academic Office
3rd Floor, LRC
653-1 West 8th Street, C257
Jacksonville, FL 32209
(904) 244-3196
Administrative Assistant
Teresa Ray
(904) 244-3196
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Primary Care Center

    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to see how many individuals, ages 50 years or older, received colorectal cancer screening. The second purpose is to encourage patients not previosly screened for colorectal cancer to obtain screening. While receiving reminder letters and obtaining colorectal cancer is a part of routine medical care, understanding the reasons why patients do not want screening and knowing how many patients fail to receive screening is considered research.
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